Dsc_4930 One of the new arrivals to the Consumer Electronics Show this year is Victorinox celebrating their 125th anniversary by taking what many may consider a traditional and storied toolmaker and planting one foot firmly in the land of consumer electronics. Here at the CES Victorinox is set to announce their newest product, called Presentation Pro, which will be available to consumers in May of this year. The new knife follows the same form as the SwissFlash (a USB flash drive encased in a small sized Swiss Army Knife cover), but has several integrated new features including Bluetooth connectivity to advance slides and a laser pointer to point to stuff (and presumably for self defense too, since it’s an Army Knife after all!). The most thought out aspect is an integrated fingerprint security feature where you can secure your data on the flash and ensure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Aside from giving you super spy status for having a gadget this cool, you’ll get the usual Swiss Army Knife features like the knife and scissors. Unless of course you happen to be flying, in which case they’ll offer a "flight friendly" version with no knife or scissors.

Here is a short video where Victorinox President Rick Taggart introduces the Presentation Pro: