Imb_tajhotelreopens I have had the good fortune to stay at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai twice in my life and both visits were amazing experiences. As you may recall, the Taj was involved in the recent terrorist attacks and had closed for a period of time. Well, the Taj is reopening tomorrow and using outbound email to former patrons like myself to spread the word. Here’s what they say:

We are delighted to announce that The Taj Mahal Tower will reopen on December 21, 2008 at 7:00 pm. Mumbai will rediscover its nesting place and play host to the world again.

We’re bringing back the clink of champagne flutes, even pile carpets that muffle the footfall of commerce and the perfect sea view. You will feel the buzz of business as usual and experience hospitality that is quintessentially Taj.

To commemorate the special occasion we have introduced exclusive services at The Taj Mahal Tower. Presenting the private world of The Taj Club, impeccable butler service, luxury Jaguar transfers and splendid suites.

Feel at home once again at The Zodiac Grill, Souk, Masala Kraft, Shamiana and Starboard. Reawaken your life force at our Jiva Spa and experience the priceless luxury of an expansive retail emporia.

And very soon, expect to discover the inspiration, romance and intrigue of the legendary Palace Wing.

Welcome Back.

If I had an upcoming trip to India, I would certainly stay there and highly recommend the experience for anyone else making a trip to the region. Now more than ever, a stay at the Taj sends a statement to the terrorists that they can’t disrupt our lives and things will go on. Not to mention, it’s still one of the best hotels in the world.

Trust me, I stay at a lot of them.