Imb_flipvideocustom I’ve been a fan of the iconic Flip camera for some time now. In my own experience, the device has single handedly unlocked the immediate power of creating video for me because it has made it a simple process. It has always been a great product. But now there are other products that offer similar features. Their groundbreaking idea of a compact video camera with popup USB connection is no longer the differentiator it once was. To take it’s place, they’ve done something very smart with their most recent product, the Flip Mino (and Mino HD). It’s one of the first mainstream consumer electronics products that you can customize with your own design. Using an appropriate partnership with Cafepress, a leader in offering customers the ability to personalize products and sell them, you can now customize the front of your Flip Mino camera. Here is how Flip Video is using it to help them drive sales in the all important holiday season:

  1. Imb_flipvideocustom3 Smart Partnership. Recognizing that users of Cafepress are already familiar with customizing their products, they chose to fulfill this feature with the right partner instead of trying to recreate everyone alone.
  2. Designer Models. Some people may want their new Flip Camera to have a personality, but not be into uploading their own image or doing a lot of work to get it. For them, Flip has partnered with several designers to offer ready made unique designs that you can choose from.
  3. Personalization. Of course, there are a large number of people who DO want to have their own look to their camera, and for them the ability to upload and use their own image is a big deal.
  4. Flat pricing. The final element to the strategy is not charging people a huge premium to do this. All the designs cost the same as a regular camera – so people are far more likely to do it.

These choices point to an important side benefit that Flip will likely get from this personalization effort which will take place over time. Anyone who pulls out a customized video camera from Flip at their family gathering, amongst a group of friends, or even on the street is likely to turn some heads. More importantly, they will talk about their new camera that they were able to customize. The word of mouth from that alone should help Flip Video to go beyond having a successful holiday season of sales, and make this a must have product well into next year. Using personalization well can do that.