As a parent, I appreciate reverse psychology. My kids are still at the age where it works, so I’m a big fan. Apparently when they become teenagers, it still works but only if you tell them not to do something. The problem is that it is usually something that you actually don’t want them to do (ie – drive the car, try drugs, drink alcohol, etc.) Using the fact that teens and many young people can’t help doing exactly what adults tell them not to, Hollywood has a new message for these young people. Don’t Vote. It doesn’t matter. It won’t make a difference. Or so the video below tells you:

Actually, it ends up being a brilliant campaign not so much because of the creative message, but because it actually delivers a more important message that many campaigns targeted at getting people to vote don’t mention … that you need to REGISTER in order to vote. I wonder how many young people wanting to vote for the first time don’t get the chance because they didn’t register in time? As this video points out, the deadline to register in some states is as early as this weekend. So if you don’t care about the issues and election, or if you do, go ahead and register at Consider this my public service announcement for the weekend. And I’ll wait while you register too.