Imb_chilistogo The restaurant chain Chili’s has a new marketing campaign out called "Right and Right On Time." It is based on three surprisingly revolutionary concepts in the category of takeout food:

  1. They will get your order right
  2. They will give you an exact time to pick it up.
  3. They will print your order prominently on their packaging

For most restaurants, home takeout is an add on service. It is something they offer to customers who are in a rush, but do not consider it a main part of their business. Though there have been a few notable exceptions such as Outback Steakhouse’s curbside pickup service, there is relatively little innovation in home takeout for the simple reason that no one is focusing on it. Chili’s campaign has a simple premise summed up in the following spot – that you don’t need to leave ordering carryout to luck anymore:

Simple, memorable, strategic and effective – and very likely to go "viral" not necessarily because of a great creative message but because a restaurant actually getting your takeout order right every time is worth talking about. Sometimes the best viral campaign is one where you deliver a great experience in an unexpected way.