Lenovo Extends The Olympic Experience With 100 Athlete Blogs

For any die-hard Olympic enthusiasts like me, you already know that today is a special day. It’s exactly one month from the beginning of the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing (on 08/08/08) and media attention is already starting to turn towards these Games in a more frenzied way. For several months now, I have been

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Brazlian Author Paulo Coelho Takes Marketers To School

This post is a guest contribution from my good friend and fellow author, David Vinjamuri – founder of the ThirdWay Brand Trainers and author of the new book Accidental Branding. I don’t often run guest posts on my blog, but I’m on vacation through Wednesday and asked David if I could repost the following post

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Don't Be A Password Nazi: Rethinking Your Approach To P ...

How many sites are you currently registered for? Unless you are particularly organized with all your sites, usernames and passwords in one place – chances are there are probably too many to count. Among those dozens or hundreds of sites, there are a select few that you access everyday and the rest fall into your

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