YouTube is everyone’s default location now for not only videos, but music, entertainment and just about any other piece of content you might have seen somewhere and want to see again. Copyright issues aside, having this global library of material available gave me an idea for an interesting social experiment the other day. What if everyone took the time to create a compilation of three videos from YouTube that explored a certain theme or subject they are passionate about?

One compilation could explore the art of making musical instruments. Another would explain winemaking. Another could pull together three videos that explain a complex subject, such as Web2.0. The only thing bringing them together is that each group of three videos is compiled by someone who knows that subject and wants to share that knowledge. What are you passionate about? Can you find three videos online (doesn’t have to be on YouTube) to describe it to the world? Leave a comment here with your ideas for three, or post about this on your blog (use the tag "3videoproject") and I will create a list of other compilations here on this post. Here are my three videos to start the project:

The 3 Video Project: Inside India 

1. Vande Mataram – One of the most popular videos about India produced by a combination of film and music celebrities, this video has been a national phenomenon in India since its release to commemorate the anniversary of Indian Independence.

2. Deewangi Deewangi – This video is a Bollywood music hit, but is interested because it features probably the most popular current Indian movie actor (Shah Rukh Khan) in a compilation of all his most popular dances and songs from other movies (along with the stars from those movies) in one song.

3. Peugot 206 Ad – This last one is an award winning ad for the Peugot 206 in India. It is also a brilliant and funny commentary on the rise of consumerism in India.

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