Starburst As part of The Official Reader’s Group for Personality Not Included, I just released a first look at the full introduction for the book on my Facebook group. If you’re not yet a member, you may want to join now so you can get access to exclusive content like this, and find out first about all the great launch parties and activities happening over the next few weeks. Otherwise, you’ll be a few hours behind when I post everything here. Here’s the link to get the introduction:

Though I feel a bit like a guy in a dunk tank encouraging people to hit the target … if you have a blog and haven’t had a chance to submit your 5 questions – make sure and send them to me so you can feature a virtual interview on your blog on Friday.  I know I’m getting dunked (so to speak) with another set of questions to respond to (I’m already nearing 35 bloggers I need to get back to!), but its all for a good cause (promoting the book).  And speaking of good causes, if need a great place to order PNI, or any other book – visit the Ultimate Marketing Bookstore. It’s a store I set up to benefit, a wonderful charity dedicated to helping teachers do the most for their kids. All the Amazon affiliate fees from your purchase will go straight to Donors Choose. Great books, great cause … what more do you need?