Imb_personalbranding_goldaward_2 I have an unwritten rule on my blog that I try to do my best to follow – and that is to avoid flagrant self promotion.  As a fair warning, I am going to break that rule with this post.  I am fairly sure that most of you who read this blog on a consistent basis do so because of the useful ideas that I try to share which you can apply to your own business.  This definitely not a "wonder of me" blog, nor would I want it to be.  Yet sometimes there are a combination of things that may drive me to do one of these kinds of posts.  I did one around my million impression week, and another around my big media hit thanks to Jay Berkowitz. 

This is my third in a short span of time – and definitely the last.  The reason for that is because over the next month, I am going to be completely redesigning my Social Media Bio to better account for these ongoing hits and save them in a single location.  Stay tuned for an announcement on that revamp in a few weeks. 

In the meantime, I’ll share quickly with you four pieces that I haven’t linked to on this blog yet:

  1. Video Interview with Gilbert from IPTVEvangelist at the Millennials Conference
  2. Radio Interview with Matthew Moran for the Online Marketing With RSS Ray Radio Program
  3. Video Interview with Thomas Tucker at Web2.0 TV in Austin
  4. Winner: 2007 Personal Branding Gold Award (announced this month in Dan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Magazine)

Here are two of the interviews that I could embed here: