Di_promolivelogo_3 Today I have the chance to join a marketing panel at an event that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to attend, Promo Live.  The event is all about promotion marketing and as a result there are many sessions that seem interesting and different for me from most of the interactive events I make it to more often.  Looking at the list of speakers, there are lots of names that I don’t recognize … which is actually the part of this event that I am most excited about.  Getting to network with new faces and connect with potential new clients in a totally different area is very exciting.  I only wish I could have made it here earlier to see some of the earlier days of the event.

We have a killer panel today starting in about an hour made up of David Armano, Noah Brier and myself.  We were all recruited by Herb Sawyer, and the session is shaping up to be a great collection of viewpoints, and something I would love to see even if I wasn’t part of it.  (In fact, I might be taking a few notes while the other guys are talking to make sure I capture any moments of insight.)  Herb is going to share the final presentation with all of our slides in it, and I’ll be sure to follow up and post a link to that here once I have it.  After Promo, it’s off to NY tonight for a Digital Breakfast event tomorrow morning.  Follow me live during this crazy week on Twitter.