Many bloggers who have been posting for some time have intuitively figured out that different types of blog posts typically generate certain responses from readers.  It’s not secret that "top ten list posts" are highly popular and that blogging can also help you fulfill your ambitions.  We often classify blogs into genres, such as a tech blog or a mom blog.  Blogging styles are not about genres, they are about types of blog posts.  Any blogger at any time could use a different style that might not ordinarily be considered part of their genre.  The most proficient bloggers use many styles through the course of posting – but there hasn’t been a definitive list.  For more than two months now, I have been collecting a list of blog styles based on what I have found from the blogs I read.  A few weeks ago, Guy Kawasaki’s post about the World’s Best Presentation Contest gave me the idea of turning this list into a presentation to enter into the contest.  Thanks to some design help from my colleague Jesse, I just uploaded the presentation into the contest on and it looks great.  Check it out here and if you like it, please add your vote:

Download Presentation PDF (right click to "Save As")

Update (04/18/07): The presentation features many examples of each type of blogging, but several folks have asked to include links in the post so they can more easily get to each link.  Here they are for your viewing pleasure …


Insight Blogging

Ambition Blogging

Meme Blogging

Piggyback Blogging

Life Blogging

Brand Blogging

 Detractor Blogging

Announcement Blogging

Link Blogging

Video Blogging

Photo Blogging

Review Blogging

Evangelist Blogging

List Blogging

Survey Blogging

Feature Blogging  

Repost Blogging

Taking a post or article from another location and reposting a significant part of it as a blog post with limited original commentary.

Guest Blogging

Interview Blogging

Event Blogging


Live Blogging

Bridge Blogging

Classified Blogging

Response Blogging

Contact Blogging