I2m_rembrandt_brilliantmouth_1 In a rare move, I am actually posting two days in a row about real client projects (I know, it’s shocking).  For those who know me and this blog, I don’t often talk about client work – mainly because our corporate blogging policy prevents it, and much of our work is either confidential or we are under nondisclosure agreements.  But there are many situations (like the Aveeno project I wrote about yesterday and several Intel programs from late last year), where the aim is to connect the work with the marketing community and I use my blog to help get the word out about the campaign.  The spot posted below is from a campaign we are collaborating with another advertising agency on.  It’s a 30 second ad that will first air this coming Sunday during an all-new episode of Desperate Housewives – and more interestingly, represents a significant departure from previous marketing for Rembrandt Oral Care.  The spot is part of the new Brilliant Mouth campaign – check it out and if you want, add your comments to the video on YouTube: