Securitybin_1Apparently, the latest "innovation" in advertising is offering up ad space on the bottom of those security bins used in every airport.  Despite fears that it might confuse people during an already confusing moment of separating liquids and laptops into quart-sized bags, it seems that airport authorities are ready to go ahead with the plan (according to a piece earlier this week in USAToday).  After all, if consumers are used to ads everywhere else, it seems only natural to put them here too.  But what are some of the more unique places with advertising opportunities that we are not tapping?  Surely in this overexposed world there are other unused canvases just waiting to be decorated by the brilliance of advertising creative.  Here’s my list of a few that we might see sometime soon, some ideas on who the perfect advertiser for each might be, and an example tagline:

  1. Hubcaps (Goodyear, Car Manufacturers, ZipCar) Nothing handles these roads like Goodyear.
  2. Fruits and Vegetables (5aDay, WeightWatchers) Try this fruit with
  3. Bottom Logos on Beach Flipflops (to make footprints in sand) (Beach Resorts, Crocs)
  4. Screen Printed Contact lenses (Nike, Lenscrafters)
  5. Chinese Takeout boxes (Netflix) Would you like some Netflix with that?
  6. Public Restroom Doors (Glade Air Fresheners) Glade … if it stinks, we can fix it.
  7. Grass/Lawns (Local sports teams, local elections, Residential services)
  8. Airline seat backs (Portable DVD players or MP3 players) Watch your own stuff.
  9. Movie Theater Popcorn Bags (Candy bars, Orville Redenbacher) Movie theater taste, right at home.
  10. Printed Aluminum Foil (GE Ovens, Betty Crocker) The ultimate choice for baking.

Isn’t this too much?  Of course not!  Consumers are still free to ignore the messages, aren’t they?  Anyway, I also have the perfect advertiser and tagline for those security bins … Amtrak: "Next time, take the train."