I2m_ducktapeclub You may not realize it, but duct tape may just be one of the most essential lifestyle products in the United States.  What we all know about duct tape is it’s reputation as a tool that along with a swiss army knife can be used to fix just about anything.  In an effort to inform the world about the many uses and faces of duct tape, Henkel Consumer Adhesives has created the Duck Tape Club online community to offer a home to all the duct tape enthusiasts who consider the substance more than just a fix-it solution.  The site offers lots of ideas on how to use duct tape, Tape Talk podcasts, newsletters and more.  There is a comprehensive history lesson about duct tape, featured photos of people travelling with duct tape, and the results of their annual Stuck on Prom contest where high schoolers are challenged to create their prom dresses and suits out of duct tape.  Kind of makes you feel better about your own prom, doesn’t it?  Date or no date, at least you probably wore something made out of cloth. 

Although Henkel is only one of many companies to make duct tape, the community site effectively sets their Duck brand tape apart from competitors and offers a fun viral community for duct tape lovers.  Just like Lego, Duck brand tape has the opportunity to awaken the imagination of their customers and this online community is a good start.  I suppose when your product is duct tape, it pays to understand  that what you are selling is an experience and imagination – not just tape.  I might not run out and download a Christmas Duck Tape screensaver, but just knowing that I can make my very own Duck Tape Christmas tie is oddly satisfying.