Today marks the launch of another unique personal media campaign with Intel – this time a collaboration between six rising stars of the blogosphere.  For the Intel Centrino Duo Blogger Challenge, we gathered the following six bloggers together to share their views on blogs, blogging and the world:

Not only is this one of most unique collections of bloggers that I have ever seen participating in a single promotion, it will also unfold over the next five weeks to offer an interesting window into the art of blogging and what drives bloggers to share their lives and view online, regardless of their "category."  Perhaps most interestingly, at noon EST on November 15th we will unveil the identity of our mystery blogger – a person who many have considered to have defined the genre of blogging itself and continues to innovate and remain an inspiration to many other bloggers.  Think you know who it is?  Share your guess with Intel through the contact form on the site and you could win a prize from Intel.  Either way, check out the blogger challenge site, share a comment or thought, and add your voice to the challenge.