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This blog post is a shameless plea for your vote.  I have a proposal on ChangeThis to write a manifesto about Social Media Optimization.  It is an attempt to take all the great thinking that many others have contributed to the idea of SMO and come up with a base point for discussion about the role this new area can have in the overall practice of interactive marketing.  In case you haven’t been following the concept, it started with a single blog post and has travelled across many other blogs in the online marketing industry internationally – being translated into multiple other languages along the way and inspiring a lot of smart thinking and more than a few critics.  It is my hope that putting a manifesto on ChangeThis will help to provide a common baseline point of discussion for those in the industry who have already embraced the idea of SMO, as well as those who have yet to learn about it or consider using it amongst their own overall interactive marketing efforts.  Please visit ChangeThis, read some of the other wonderful manifestos – and help spread the word about the proposal:

  1. Vote for proposal #812 … A Guide to Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  2. Send an email to a friend or colleague to support the proposal

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