Today’s Adotas email newsletter carried the story of JupiterResearch’s new initiative they are calling their "Social Marketing" service.  The offering is described in the language below and is further explored in a launch announcement blog post from Emily Riley, their lead analyst:

Social Marketing helps companies capitalize on cutting-edge marketing techniques. Through best-practice analysis and consumer and executive surveys, the research shows marketers how to profit from the use of Weblogs, podcasts, really simple syndication (RSS) and other emerging marketing tools, as well as how to develop, execute and measure word-of-mouth campaigns.

There is one big issue with the service that needs to be noted right away — which is that social marketing is a recognized term for an entirely different type of marketing that relates to social issues and advocacy.  JupiterResearch certainly won’t be winning any fans in that community among the likes of Nedra Weinreich or Craig Lefebvre by choosing to hijack the social marketing term for social media.  Aside from this oversight, there are some subtle signs that offering this new service may be a bit of a stretch for JupiterResearch.  For example, though they have launched a large number of Analyst blogs, readers cannot leave comments or trackbacks on their posts.  With many smart agencies, research organizations and independent consultants launching services in the social media space – it is no longer enough to issue a statement declaring a new expertise.  To make it credible, organizations need to demonstrate a commitment to social media in everything they do.