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These days everyone is talking about blogs going "mainstream" with marketers using them, authors creating them, and even celebrities using blogs to share their thoughts about anything and everything.  Yet a quiet revolution that has been slowly taking shape online is the rise of mom bloggers.  The growing influence of moms is not a new concept.  The "soccer mom" demographic was marketed to relentlessly in previous political campaigns because it was seen as having a critical mass of influential socially active citizens.  There are many news reports talking about how moms are the real "head of household" when it comes to making purchasing decisions of all types.  The rise of BuzzAgent, to some degree, has been fueled by actively engaged moms.  And now these moms have started blogs, are connecting more easily and vocally with other moms, and starting communities online that mirror those they have offline.  Prominent bloggers are paying attention to this trend, as Guy Kawasaki shows with his rapidly expanding "Ultimate Mom Blogger" list.  Large corporations, like Johnson & Johnson (an Ogilvy client) are also getting in the mix – announcing today at Blogher that they will soon be launching a mom blogger directory.

The increase of moms blogging represents an influential audience for many of our client’s products or services.  When it comes to understanding the personal media landscape, they cannot be ignored.  Our commitment to understanding and connecting with mom bloggers comes through client work as well as on a personal level.  From our co-sponsorship with SixApart of the Vox (a family blogging platform) event this week at the Hotel Monaco to our current work with mom bloggers at Blogher, mom bloggers are an emerging audience that we firmly believe in.  We have conducted significant research to understand this audience, and have developed personal relationships with many mom bloggers.  Several of my teammates are at Blogher right now, sharing their insights and observations about the event.  Mom bloggers, as you can imagine, will be big there – and a hot topic for many marketers is going to be finding authentic ways to connect with them.  This is a group that will continue to grow in volume, influence and prominence.  It won’t be long before you see more blogger joining the "A-list" right beside Dooce.