I2m_opr_hivaids25 As most people who pay attention to global media know, this week is the 25th "anniversary" of the Aids epidemic worldwide.  Based on recent reports, the disease unfortunately seems destined to remain a killer in populations around the world.  Since long before I joined Ogilvy, the firm has been working with numerous clients in this field to help distribute communications and engage in the best worldwide fighter of Aids: dialogue.  In my time at Ogilvy, I have had the chance to work on campaigns for HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, and the Be the Generation campaign currently running through print ads, grassroots outreach, and online.  In an effort to keep our commitment to fostering discussion about this important global health concern, yesterday we launched the HIV/Aids 25 blog

Though titled a blog, it is really a collection of stories from individuals about their personal experiences with Aids.  The first version has many stories from Ogilvy employees from around the world.  As you can imagine, there are lots of experiences we have to share – both personal and tragic, and professional.  To truly engage in a discussion, though, we need more voices than just our own.  So there is a form for you to submit your own story.  Share a personal experience.  Tell us about something you have done to make an impact in the global fight against HIV/Aids — or just give us an idea of what more we could be doing.  As many have noted, we still have a long way to go in the global fight against HIV/Aids.  It’s up to all of us to keep the dialogue going.