I2m_indianguys Here’s a quick test … can you tell the difference between the three guys in the photo at left?  Based on my recent experience over the last two days, I have to assume it’s extremely difficult.  On the American Press Institute webpage about the community market event where I spoke on Thursday, there was a photo of another Indian guy beside my name (which they have promised to correct soon).  Then I arrived at the Digital Media Conference one day later and during the panel on "The State of Online Advertising" – I saw my photo up beside the name of Shervin Pishevar of Freewebs, Inc.  First of all, apologies to Shervin because unfortunately the wrong photo was not corrected before he participated in his panel.  Luckily the photo was correct on the slide displayed during my later panel on marketing to the Millenial generation.  But yesterday I started to wonder whether this happens with other speaker’s photos – or just with the ones for people with different sounding names?  Of course, I don’t think any of this is intentional – but it is unfortunate.  Not just that the photos are being switched, but that now at future events I need to worry about whether a published photo besides my name is actually mine … or just the closest looking Indian guy.