Everyone has a time when they have felt wronged.  When something didn’t go right, a relationship soured, a product failed to deliver or someone just did something that pissed us off.  And we all know the feeling of coming up with the ultimate comeback, when someone just gets what they deserve (like the classic story of the lawyer and his cigars).  The Internet is more than a great shopping or research destination … it’s becoming the ultimate soapbox for revenge.  For more and more people with their own scores to settle, they are turning online to do it.  Here are a few payback links worth checking out:

  • Simon Wood Doesn’t Pay His Rent – When one ad guy stiffs another on rent, he registers the rent-skipper’s domain name and creates a site full of punchy one liners like "Simon it’s not me. It’s you. I want to see other tenants."  Wonder if he ever gets his $6000 back? (via Adrants)
  • Dell Hell – Someday this will be the classic "influential pissed off customer versus corporation" example if it’s not already.  Jeff Jarvis’ ongoing saga and vilification of Dell has been widely covered in the media and even received credit by some for Dell’s sagging market share.
  • Hollaback NYC – Inspired by the story of Thao Nguyen, the 15 year old who snapped a photo of a subway Perv in NY leading to his arrest, this site lets any woman who’s ever been harassed on the street in NY take a camera photo of the offender and post it online.  Maybe the promise of public ridicule will get men in general to act more civilized … or at least focus on wanking in darker more private places. (Via PSFK)
  • Korean Dog-Shit-Girl – A much discussed episode where a Korean girl let her dog shit on the subway, and didn’t clean it up.  An angry watcher posted her photo online and sparked a "witchhunt" where she was found, embarassed and fired from her job.  Extreme?  Maybe – but for anyone who’s ever stepped in badly placed dogshit, payback never smelled so sweet.

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