Following up on the very successful launch of this initiative a few months ago, we have been updating our 10 current feeds on an ongoing basis.  This week, we also just launched four new blogfeeds – you can check them out at the following addresses:

This is in addition to the ten blogfeeds that we already had live: Advocacy, B2B Blogs, B2C Blogs, Branding, CEO Blogs, Health, Ideas, Marketing, Politics, Technology.  Have a look and use the feedback form on the site to submit any other blogs you’d suggest we take a look at – or send me an email.  Usually, we’ll have a team member read a blog for at least a few weeks before adding it to the blogfeeds.  Here are a few of the key things we look for:

  1. Consistent posting
  2. Insightful point of view
  3. Easy to find for relevant topics
  4. Prominence in a particular field or industry
  5. Available RSS feed (basic, but a few blogs we really liked didn’t offer feeds – so we couldn’t include them!)

Submit a new blog here, or send me an email at rohit[dot]bhargava[at]ogilvypr[dot]com.