Leading by example, Buzz Agent is demonstrating it’s position as a leader and pioneer in Word of Mouth Marketing with their new blog about the inner workings of the "central hive."  The Butman Experiment, as they call it, will be a blog written over the course of 90 days by John Butman (Dave Balter’s co-author on The Grapevine) – focused on taking an inside look at the evolution of the company as it deals with spiralling growth, lots of hiring, and the quandry of VC (ie – getting lots of money and figuring out what to do with it).  This effort offers some interesting challenges for them, in that it potentially exposes clients or upcoming campaigns, makes visible any problems that they have organizationally, and generally puts a lens on employees that some may not perform well under.  Many of these have already been subjects of posts on the blog.  But as a word of mouth promotional effort, it fits perfectly with the vision of the company.  It fits with their brand.  If any company could do this, it would be Buzz Agent.  And it’s an all too rare example of a company living their own ideals of transparency and honesty.  I don’t expect any other company to follow their example – but as a student of marketing, business, and the way companies succeed or fail … I will certainly be reading this blog with interest.