I was looking at the "99" after the number of blog posts in my Typepad login screen and thinking to myself that I should do something significant for this 100th post.  Though I feel a bit like a proud first time parent talking about particularly loud baby burp (ie – I care, but noone else does) – hitting 100 feels significant.  But it’s still only 100 and there’s lots more to come.  Moving into the next hundred and beyond, I spent a part of the weekend thinking of what I’d most like to achieve with the Influential Interactive Marketing blog over the next 6 months …

I.  Improve Usability and Readability:
* Add a sitewide search engine to enable users to find older relevant posts
* Increase standard screen width to use more of the 1024×768 sized screen
* Refine and retitle categories for blog posts

II.  Increase Visibility and Readership:
* Submit blog to relevant new search engines, online directories and wikis
* Use Technorati (or other) tags to improve position for relevant search results
* Consistently ping largest blog search engines whenever site is updated
* Make links to RSS feeds more prominently visible on blog homepage

III.  Enhance Branding + Identity
* Introduce and start using "I2M" abbreviation to brand site with shorter name
* Register relevant URL and map rohitbhargava.com to new URL (keeping both)
* Rewrite current bio to offer more details on personal background and past work 
* Add a real photo instead of cartoon photo (DONE)

IV.  Create Stronger Connections with Industry and Peers
* Don’t just read blogs, comment thoughts and engage in dialogue
* Participate in more online communities, group blogs, wikis, forums and online events
* Offer more trackbacks to peers and refer to other blog posts more frequently
* Revise Blogroll to add/subtract blogs and reflect what I’m currently reading

From those more prolific bloggers out there (or anyone else), any other strategies that have worked to achieve similar goals?