I was just thinking earlier this week about a strangely typical experience I was having regarding business dysfunction and how perfect it would be for Dilbert.  Aside from viewing daily interactions as opportunities for blog posts, I see them as fodder for a Dilbert comic strip.  But wouldn’t it be great if Dilbert (or Scott Adams) had a blog?  Lucky for us, now he does. 


The blog seems to have launched in late October (on Typepad) and already has such gems as this excerpt from today’s posting about the results of the annual Weasel poll:

The biggest surprise to me was in the Weaseliest Behavior category where gas gouging lost out to Advocating the teaching of Intelligent Design in schools. Apparently most people would rather be robbed than exposed to additional unproven theories. This could be a valuable tool for muggers who don’t like guns. “Give me your wallet or else I’ll explain the concept of irreducible complexity!”

Add this one to your RSS feeds right away – my bet is it becomes one of the most widely read blogs out there.  Scott and Dilbert might even knock off Boing Boing for the most read blog honor within a year.  Yep, that’s my prediction.  We’re going to add the blog to the Ogilvy Blogfeeds this week, under the Ideas category.  I wonder when Typepad will include the blog on their featured weblog list

*UPDATE (11/27) – It’s featured now … good on Typepad for getting it up there!