As part of our sponsorship of tomorrow’s WE Media Conference in New York, we started thinking about how we could offer something of value to the conference attendees beyond a typical brochure about our services. The conference aims to explore the ways in which new forms of communication are changing the way that we converse with one another.  Blogs are vital to that conversation, but with nearly 20 million blogs indexed on Technorati – a key challenge for all of us (particularly the ones less familiar with blogs and blogging) is knowing what to read and what to dismiss.  What is influential?

The Ogilvy PR BlogFeeds which we are distributing and publicizing at the conference tomorrow are an attempt for us to share a list of blogs that we consider influential … the ones that members of our teams in multiple disciplines across the agency are reading.  The feeds are currently offered in ten different categories, with plans to add more over time.  The Beta version of all feeds are online right now, with final version to be launched later today:

Obviously we can’t include every blog on each feed – but have a look and let us know if there are some big influential ones that you think we might have missed.  We’re always open to suggestions …

Also, below is a sample of the card that will be given to all conference attendees tomorrow: