Rohitblog_blogday2005 Yesterday was Blog Day 2005, a day when blogger Nir Ofir suggested everyone post a recommendation of 5 new Blogs (preferably, Blogs different from their own culture, point of view and attitude).  Looking at the list of posts about Blog Day, it was fascinating how far the idea travelled, from Ofir’s original posting on June 21st through to Blog Day 2005 yesterday.  Timsoft, a Romanian site posted a great review of the impact of Blog Day, including Technorati’s account of more than 300 posts that linked about the day.  It’s easy for blog readers to retreat into just reading RSS feeds that they subscribe to, or links from blogrolls on favourite blogs.  Blog Day certainly forced me to think outside my world and find new sources of inspiration and information.  And here are my five favourites:

  1. Accidental Hedonist – Lots of great content about food and drink – and a really useful list of products containing high fructose corn syrup (in case you were wondering about the source of America’s obesity problem – look no further).
  2. Global Voices Weblog – A compilation of many international blogs out there … one of the great blogs I uncovered in my quest to find several new global blogs to add to my reading list.
  3. DesiPundit – A listing of sites and news from the Indian blogosphere.  Thank god at least one of the "something-pundit" sites out there is actually Indian …
  4. Scappleface – This has to be my Washington DC based contribution, an anthem of a blog for those who reject traditional news media for it’s biases – at least there is a site out there reporting the news "fairly imbalanced."  If only it were true.
  5. Adverblog – This blog is in my industry, but all about new campaigns across Europe.  It’s a continual source of ideas and inspiration for my work in the US.

(Via Hans Mestrum)