Rohitblog_readon2 I have been involved in enough campaigns to know that I am not my target audience.  Now that I have passed from my 20s into the 30s, I can no longer claim to understand teenagers and get away with it.  But just because I am not the target audience doesn’t mean there isn’t a value in getting into the mind of that audience.  Being an interactive marketing person, I love the Internet and use it all the time for research.  But for a full immersion in a new world, even I have to admit there is nothing like a magazine (a conclusion being marketed right now by the Readon campaign from the MPAgraphic at left). 

In an interview in the recent issue of MediaPost’s Media Magazine, Niche Media Publisher and CEO Jason Binn has strong words in support of magazines:

We’re not billboards.  We’re not radio or broadcast or cable.  You want to reach a lot of people and connect with nobody, go buy those.  With magazines, you’re buying into a world.

It’s the same argument that I have usually used to support the power of the Internet – quite simply because it offers the most relevance in reaching the right audience.  But this idea of a world being signified through the content of niche print publications is real.  Could I have told you Delta and Kohler are two major faucet manufacturers before starting the process of redecorating a home and purchasing home design magazines?  Not likely.  Afterwards, I’m a whole lot smarter with far less wasted time hunting and gathering (a perennial down-side to Internet research).  The point is that even an Internet professional can sometimes find the best resources in niche magazines to really understand a target audience.  Now there’s a conclusion you don’t see on many interactive marketing blogs.