I2mblog_sharithumb2Shari Kurzrok, a friend and colleague of mine is in need of an immediate liver transplant over the next few days or else she will die.  Please help by visiting the blog we set up for her at http://helpshari.typepad.com and spreading the word across the PR and Advertising community and beyond. 

Excerpt from the blog: Today (July 20th), her condition became critical. Her team of doctors at NYU Medical Center have indicated that her liver has failed and completely shut down, leaving us only a matter of 2-4 days to save her life. Shari’s only hope right now is to receive a liver transplant.

Shari worked on many campaigns that made an impact on people’s lives, including leading our efforts on behalf of the American Red Cross in their largest blood drive ever.  Below is a sample of a print ad that we are going to be running tomorrow to try and connect her with the one person out there who can save her life:


To date, lots of PR bloggers have already joined the effort to spread the word about Shari:

  • O’Dwyer PR
  • Micropersuasion
  • Thanks to everyone for their support (including anyone I unintentionally left off the above list).