Rohitblog_bugaboo While in New York this weekend, I passed an interesting bus stop poster with a picture of a unique looking baby stroller, and the URL – nothing else.  As a new parent, I buy the same crap all parents do.  Graco stroller, Baby Bjorn, those new plastic baby food containers (because glass jars are soooo 2004).  Yep, unlike any other time in my life that I can remember, I’m a total sucker.  Most new parents are.  Because we’re amateurs.  Ask any parent of older kids or multiple kids … they laugh at us.  And we all know single people laugh harder – watching us struggle with all this stuff.  Parents don’t travel light.   Except in Sex in the City, apparently.

The site promises to offer ideas for parents "who want to spend an inspiring day with their child that does not include eating sweets or watching Shrek for the 322nd time." The site has printable PDF downloads for the urban parent – venues like Chinatown in NYC and the historic canals of Amsterdam.  Having gone through Chinatown earlier today with our normal amateur stroller – it was rough in places.  And their site made me want one, for when I happen to be walking around Dublin, or Edinburgh, or LA.  It’s an aspirational luxury item.  Perfect for marketing on the web.  Even though I know I’d only use it for a few months before my kid outgrows it … $700 bucks doesn’t seem so bad.  Ok, I guess I’m still a sucker.