Google Launches the DaVinci Code Quest

One of the surest ways to confirm your uber-geek status is to be able to solve riddles, puzzles, and other mental challenges.  Google first made it’s mark in this world with their innovative recruiting billboards in the valley designed to drive techno-geeks to a secret URL to test their intellect in order to get a

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5 Signs Your Viral Marketing May Flop

In light of Chevy Tahoe’s recent experience with consumer backlash towards their promotion run on The Apprentice, viral marketing is a hot topic of discussion in marketing circles these days.  Is it too risky to do well?  Should companies avoid it?  Is Chevy doing the right thing by not stepping in and removing negative consumer

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The Greatest Viral Marketing Tool Ever

Google, by virtue of the sheer volume of their daily visitors has built into their site what might be the greatest viral marketing tool ever … their corporate logo.  And on occasions outside of the standard American holidays, they often use the logo to promote their cause, product, holiday or scientific endeavour of the day. 

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