eBay and Online Reputation Systems

Just a few weeks ago I got my blue star on Ebay.  Aside from signifying that I’ve now successfully bought or sold 50 pieces of junk – it also felt like validation in the purest kindergarten way.  Somebody likes me.  50 somebodies.  And they even said so when they rated me positively.  It also got

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Screen Sizing Stats & Resources

http://www.forestasia.com/tools/resolution.asp – A good resource for quickly seeing how a live site or page looks in a variety of screen resolutions, including smaller resolutions for Blackberries and mobile devices. http://www.anybrowser.com/ScreenSizeTest.html – Another site for testing screen size (more limited options) – along with useful tables outlining actual "live areas" in pixels after the header bar

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iVillage works around 800×600 screen size limitations

Browsers are continually updated, broadband is growing … but somehow we seem stuck with an 800×600 convention when it comes to design.  My mouse has a horizontal scrolling wheel feature on it.  But with my standard laptop screen of 1024×768 – I hardly ever use it.  But am I unique because I live in a

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