The 5 Worst Habits Of Selfish Brands


Do you know a selfish brand? Most of us do. We encounter them constantly – trying to promote their latest and greatest product. Their ads seek to interrupt us and every interaction is clearly only focused on either closing a deal or collecting our information for their database. They think in terms of short term

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Why Brands Should Stop Idolizing Oreo’s Social Media S ...


Today is great timing for a Halloween promotion. Everyone is talking about costumes, candies and spooky stuff as they prepare for the rare treat of a Friday evening Halloween. If you happened to visit Oreo on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter today, you would see what seems like another piece of social media brilliance from

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The One Thing Every Brand Needs To Build Trust


Despite what advertising tells you, supermodels don’t generally eat mile-high bacon burgers. Yet this is exactly the type of fabricated reality we have come to expect from marketing. Often celebrities are hired as spokespeople for products they would clearly never use in real life. Actors in stock photos portray overly airbrushed people faking handshakes while

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The Underappreciated Reason SXSW Matters (In A Word)


It is tempting to search for the next big thing. There were no shortage of journalists sent to SXSW this past weekend for their annual quest to answer exactly that question. And this year many came up empty — or at least indifferent.  Some even skipped the event completely. Of course we like to see

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15 Marketing Trends To Watch In 2013 + FREE Ebook!

A few days ago, I published the full 96 page report of my 15 marketing trends to watch for 2013 on Slideshare – and published an ebook on Amazon on the trends and how to use them for your business.  For the next 48 hours, the ebook will be available for free on Amazon …

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How To Tell Better Stories: 10 Profound Lessons From The Fut ...


Walking off the ferry into Snug Harbor on Staten Island, there was a big motorcade of cars and police standing there. It was the first and most obvious clue that this first ever Future of StoryTelling Conference might not be the same as any other business conference. As the crowd filed into the auditorium, Al

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5 Insights From The 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Rep ...

Earlier this morning the team at released their annual report on the state of Social Media Marketing. Based on the responses of over 3800 surveyed marketers, the report offers an interesting look at how businesses are using social media to grow and promote their businesses. As with any surveys of this type, you have

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How United Could Have Avoided Frustrating Staff And Alienati ...

This might surprise you, but Zappos doesn't offer standard overnight shipping. But for years customers of the site have been getting overnight shipping even though they didn't ask for or even pay extra for it. The reasoning is simple, if your customers have lower expectations – it is easy to consistently exceed them. We feel

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The Best And Worst Of Super Bowl Marketing Strategy 2012

I couldn’t help but feel sorry this year for anyone who only watches the Super Bowl ads for entertainment. Perhaps the most defining feature of all the ads this year was how uniformly uncreative and dated they were. Marketers turned to old and obvious gags like girls in bikinis and dogs (lots of dogs) to

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Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Strategy In Two Tw ...

How many times have you heard that being successful in using social media is all about engagement? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it isn't. For a consumer that is going on Twitter to complain about how their mobile phone doesn't have coverage, they don't want to be "engaged" with your

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