Virtual Networking and a New Standard for Online Profiling

Leading up to the Ad Tech conference in Chicago next week, all participants received an invitation to create a virtual profile of themselves to help maximize their experience at the conference.  There is a fantastic feature in the profile setup area that will weight your various roles, industries, and interests based on the relative importance

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Joining the "RSStocracy"

Over the past few months I have not only started to become an active blogger, I’ve also become an active blog reader.  In fact, like most blog readers and posters, much of my daily knowledge and inspiration comes from other blogs far more than news media.  And, like most – I use an RSS aggregator

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JavaOne Shows Emergence of Mobile Applications

I had the chance to make an unexpected stop at the JavaOne conference today in San Francisco, meeting with the Japanese team behind the promising new xfy technology.  The product created a great buzz among developers who have struggled with the limitations of current development environments and inefficiencies.  As a marketer, the most interesting point

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