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The 2013 Non-Obvious Trend Report

$ 14.99 $ 9.99


The 2013 Non-Obvious Trend Report

$ 14.99 $ 9.99

The 2013 Non-Obvious Trend Report: 15 Surprising New Trends Changing How We Buy, Sell or Believe Anything

by Rohit Bhargava

The 2013 Non-Obvious Trend Report features a wide range of topics, including the future of print publishing, the rise of women in business, authenticity in the banking sector, hyper-local commerce and the evolution of the travel industry. 

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How much will trends affect your business in 2013? This #1 Amazon Best Selling ebook has the answer. Curated by marketing expert and Amazon best selling author of Likeonomics Rohit Bhargava – this ebook will tell you:

  1. What are the top 15 trends that matter in business for 2013?
  2. Who do they matter for?
  3. How can you use them for your business?

Over the past ten years, Rohit has led marketing strategy at two of the largest and most respected marketing agencies in the world – Leo Burnett and Ogilvy. He has recently started his own agency, and this is the first publication from that group.

After release, the 2013 Non-Obvious Trend Report was a #1 Best Seller on Amazon and remained the top selling book in the Marketing Research category for 8 weeks straight after publication. The online edition has been viewed more than 200,000 times on Slideshare and been featured in media across the globe. 

In addition to consulting, Rohit teaches Global Marketing at Georgetown University in Washington DC and focuses on bringing more humanity back to business. What does that mean for this report? This report features the same no-nonsense writing style with personality that made his first two books (Personality Not Included & Likeonomics) global best sellers.


Every reader who purchases this book will also receive a secret password to download several PDFs of free content, including:

  • Full 100 page visual trend report for 2013 featuring 3 BONUS TRENDS
  • Access to previous reports for 2011 and 2012
  • Free chapter download from Rohit’s first book
  • Another special bonus download (sshh, it’s a secret!)
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