Arrival of the Bluetooth Billboard

The billboard is getting a makeover these days, as marketers get smarter about using the ultimate outdoor advertising vehicle to encourage more interaction with branded content.  CBS recently launched a billboard campaign in Grand Central Terminal train station in New York to promote several new shows in their fall lineup: "Shark," "Smith," "Jericho" and "The

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Idea Bar: The Mobile Sales Assistant

Add to: | blinklist | | digg | yahoo! | furl | rawsugar | shadows | netvouz It seems like everyone has a mobile phone.  More than the iPod, more than the Blackberry, the mobile phone is becoming lifeline that people can’t (or won’t do without).  The rising ubiquity of the mobile phone offers

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The Marketing of "An Inconvenient Truth"

One of the more anticipated documentaries coming up for widespread release across the country is the new film "An Inconvenient Truth" – focused on telling the real story of global warming and leveraging the growing popularity of Al Gore’s "resurrection" (as Wired magazine termed it) from the "former next president of the United States" –

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Interactive Marketing vs. Online Marketing

I have never called myself an online marketer.  To me, online marketing refers to a range of activities that happen only on the Internet – from banner advertising to search marketing to email marketing.  Not included in this term are what I would consider interactive (but offline) marketing activities.  Podcasting is largely offline.  Mobile marketing

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Bluetooth and "Placecasting"

Following from my previous post about the Landrover promotion, I did a bit more research and learned about Consola, the Open Source Proximity Media Server.  As far as I can tell from their sparse website, the project is designed to create an open source method for what the project calls "placecasting" – or sending a

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Landrover Tries Bluetooth Marketing

In downtown NY today, I passed a billboard for a Landrover promotion encouraging people to put their bluetooth handsets to discoverable in order to learn more about something.  Aside from the relatively cryptic call to action, this is the first example I can recall of having seen a company try to use Bluetooth technology for

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Text Messaging and Customer Service

Recently, I had the chance to stay at the W Hotel in Times Square – and they had an interesting new text messaging service designed to inform guests about anything from a fax coming in, to confirmation of a dinner reservation.  Just text "W Insider" to a special number to get set up.  It got

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Butterfinger Launches

Walking through the streets of Old City in Philadelphia this weekend, there were people standing in line to get into clubs telling each other to "follow the finger."  At first I thought it was some college student slang, or a Philadephia thing – but looking around I realized – they were actually responding to a

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Rebate Phishing: The practice of luring customers online to make a purchase with the promise of receiving a nonexistent rebate check in return. Recently unleashed from the bonds of my 2-year mobile phone contract, I went online this weekend to search for a new mobile phone.  Within seconds, I ended up at – one

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French Maid TV and New Uses for Video Blogging

There aren’t many guys out there that can resist checking out a site as titillatingly titled as French Maid TV.  The only problem is, you better watch out for someone looking over your shoulder.  Especially if you are at work like I am right now.  Of course, my story is that I’m just checking out

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