Umbria Provides Marketers with Blogger Lists for Sale

On Monday, Umbria announced a new service that helps marketers to answer what is becoming a more and more common question – which bloggers are most influential for my brand or industry?  While there are many tools and methods that can be used to uncover these bloggers, the Umbria Connect service promises to provide marketers

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Dove's Evolution of Beauty Campaign Goes Viral on YouTu ...

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty has been one of the most talked about campaigns of the year, earning praise from people in the advertising world, as well as from real consumers for representing something different to the typical fashion advertising.  By focusing on the distorted perception of beauty that much of the fashion industry is

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Intel Partners with Second Life and Launches a Blog … ...

Add to: | blinklist | | digg | yahoo! | furl | rawsugar | shadows | netvouz In one of the most interesting campaigns to come out of our Digital Influence team yet, we are helping Intel to launch a stunt during the Digital Life event which will place one of the top builders

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Arrival of the Bluetooth Billboard

The billboard is getting a makeover these days, as marketers get smarter about using the ultimate outdoor advertising vehicle to encourage more interaction with branded content.  CBS recently launched a billboard campaign in Grand Central Terminal train station in New York to promote several new shows in their fall lineup: "Shark," "Smith," "Jericho" and "The

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5 Case Studies in Reinventing Book Marketing

Add to: | blinklist | | digg | yahoo! | furl | rawsugar | shadows | netvouz A quick look at any marketing industry publication over the last few weeks will yield more than a few examples of how authors and publishers are getting smarter about marketing.  As more and more outlets compete for

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Ritz Camera Puts Carmen Electra Behind the Lens

In a promotion for charity announced yesterday and noted on the Cancer Blog, Ritz Camera will partner with Carmen Electra to promote two new printing services, standard square print sizes of 5" and 6", and the ability to also get large prints in 1 hour (previously unavailable).  Aside from the interesting partnership with Head for

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Several weeks ago, I had the chance to speak with Jeff Taylor (founder of about, his latest venture launching today.  The site is targeted to the increasingly influential group of boomers aged 50+ who are now either contemplating retirement or engaged in "active retirement."  Aside from the new advertising opportunities the site offers,

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Yahoo Uses Giants of Advertising to Inspire Agencies

Working in advertising today, at least partially, is about nostalgia.  Dreams of making a career in creative ads that the world would be talking about are still around on Madison Avenue, though becoming more of a fantasy in a world that has found and embraced Tivo.  Yet the most powerful image of the golden age

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AdAge Rounds Up Winners and Losers in World Cup Marketing

As a soccer lover, and marketer – I have to admit I paid almost as much attention to the advertising and marketing during the Cup as I did to the actual matches.  Yesterday Jonah Bloom of Ad Age published a wonderful roundup of all the World Cup advertising battles and pointed to the big winners,

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Earning a Masters of Bzz Administration

Earlier this week I had the chance to participate in BuzzAgent’s first "MBA" program designed as an education course for Agency folks on how to work with BuzzAgent.  This is another step in BuzzAgent’s evolution from a model that competes with agencies to one that embraces them.  Agencies handle the creative and strategy, BuzzAgent works

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