The Marketing of "An Inconvenient Truth"

One of the more anticipated documentaries coming up for widespread release across the country is the new film "An Inconvenient Truth" – focused on telling the real story of global warming and leveraging the growing popularity of Al Gore’s "resurrection" (as Wired magazine termed it) from the "former next president of the United States" –

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Getting Global Insight on Trends from Search

Since websites have become primary information sources about companies and products in the late 90s, integrated marketing teams have been using web analytics to mine data about users and translate this into trend information and ammunition for testing the usability of websites.  One metric in particular that almost all marketing teams pay attention to are

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Take the Multilingual Challenge: Globalize Your Blog

One of the things I have noted over the past year of blogging is that this blog receives a significant amount of traffic from locations outside of the US.  Intended or not, this blog has a global audience.  But like most of my fellow bloggers based in a single country, I don’t do much to

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