My Mantra

Helping brands and leaders be more influential
by embracing their humanity and personality.

Don’t worry, there’s no long winded legalese on this page – no one reads that anyway, right?  Here’s my super short disclaimer with a few things I need to share just in case you were wondering about how I decide what to blog about and still manage to keep my day job …

Professional Disclaimer

I am an independent speaker and marketing consultant – and have previously worked at Ogilvy, Leo Burnett and several other consulting companies.  I never blog about work I have done for clients without their permission, and all of the views expressed on this blog are my own personal opinion – and I rarely blog about client work.  All the advice and opinions I share on this blog are my own, and I don’t speak on behalf of any other companies – and I like it that way (as do most of my partners and clients!).

Copyright & Terms of Use

You are welcome to quote any of thinking shared on this website.  If you do, I would much appreciate a link back to the original source.  My only request: please don’t steal content and pretend you wrote it.  Not only is it not nice (and way too easy to find), but it’s also very bad karma.  Trust me, I’m Indian.