Where to get Online Statistics

As one of a handful of Internet professionals in a PR agency, I’m continually asked for lots of stats to back up proposals as well as using them to support or inform my own recommendations for client work.  Here are several of the best FREE general sources for Internet statistics I’ve found out there:ITFacts.biz –

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Statistics about Parents & Moms Online

Below is a list of helpful resources all about parents online, including who they are and how to reach them: Report on Parents Online – published in 2002 from Pew Internet Child and Family Web Guide – List of resources online compiled by researchers at Tufts University (primarily about child development) Purchasing power of Moms

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Screen Sizing Stats & Resources

http://www.forestasia.com/tools/resolution.asp – A good resource for quickly seeing how a live site or page looks in a variety of screen resolutions, including smaller resolutions for Blackberries and mobile devices. http://www.anybrowser.com/ScreenSizeTest.html – Another site for testing screen size (more limited options) – along with useful tables outlining actual "live areas" in pixels after the header bar

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