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Consulting: What Is Concierge Marketing?

Unbiased Advice + Coaching. No Hourly Rates. No Junior Staff. Better Results.

Concierge Marketing is a straightforward model to support CMOs and brand leaders in mid to large organizations with unlimited and unbiased marketing, branding + digital advice when you need it and without any upselling, pitching or being “on the clock.”  Everyone hates hourly rates – so why should we keep using them?

Concierge Marketing is a model that features direct on-demand strictly confidential access to strategic counsel,  advice and coaching directly from longtime brand marketing consultant, Wall Street Journal best selling author and Georgetown University Professor Rohit Bhargava.

Created For The 3 Biggest Problems CMOs+CCOs Face …

As a veteran agency leader who spent the last 15 years at large traditional marketing agencies (Ogilvy + Leo Burnett), Rohit understands the way CMOs and brand marketing teams work. But the last thing you need is another agency. Rohit would rather work with the agencies you have and help you solve bigger problems. Problems that might sound familiar … like these:

1. Future Planning & Strategy

Getting outside your industry or staying up to date with fast changing trends is hard.  It would be great to use external ideas, read lots of blogs, or attend events, but budgets are tight and often you don’t have time to spare anyway.  Rohit attends or keynotes more than 35 events a year, spending one on one time with some of the most biggest thinkers in business.  He is often participating in panels and trading ideas with pioneering startup founders and fellow best selling authors. All of these relationships and time brings value to you. Whether it is organizing an exclusive lunch with a best selling author, or organizing access to an exclusive executive gathering – Rohit can help open those doors and organize those sessions, in addition to sharing insights from his own annual trend research and writing months before they become available to the general public or your competitors.

2. Aligning, Briefing And Measuring Agencies & Teams

Every agency wants to be your partner, but they often overlap. Giving them a great brief is hard, and it is even harder to make sense of proprietary metrics, or bring it all together to truly understand the real impact on your business.  Using his long experience at agencies, Rohit can help you get more out of your agency and give them a better brief to inspire better work.  In addition, he has frequently led multi-agency projects for large brands and understands how to motivate agencies that typically compete to work peacefully and effectively together.  Finally, he can help your team become savvier at managing these relationships themselves – and offer a great sounding board as that work continues.

3. Defending Budget And Proving Results

You need to show results to senior management to keep (or grow!) your budget and responsibility, but it is often hard to do and requires a story to explain all the “big data” you get from your team buried in spreadsheets. Rohit is a master at helping to weave data into insights and turn these insights into a compelling story that you can present or discuss with confidence to senior management and board members to demonstrate results, justify your budgets and secure more support for the future.

Why Concierge Marketing?

About 15 years ago, a doctor named Howard Maron created “concierge medicine” to address problems in the medical industry. Costs were going up and outcomes were getting worse. Concierge Medicine, in contrast, offered a more personalized and better way to treat patients. BusinessWeek even called it “the future of healthcare” primarily because it offers higher quality unlimited consultations and more personalized care to treat the entire body and person instead of just a body part with symptoms.

What if this same idea was applied to the marketing consulting business?

That’s our goal. Concierge Marketing is an on-call advisory and coaching service that gives CMOs and brand leaders access to advice from best selling author and brand consultant Rohit Bhargava whenever they need it. Clients have unlimited requests, no long list of excluded activities, no continual scope change requests, no junior staffers and no billable hourly rates.  All of the services provided are paid for with a single retainer – and the focus is always on offering the highest value for whatever is the most urgent priority at a particular time.

How does it work?

Based on the experiences and requests of current clients using this model, here are just a few ideas for some ways this model may help with the many strategic questions you likely face in a typical month:

  1. Apply trends and predict the future – Based on Rohit’s best selling annual trend report, you will gain insights into applying cutting edge new trends to your business and also see an in depth review of trends from Rohit’s new 2016 annual trend report months before it comes out to the general public.
  2. Justify and secure more budget or resources – Assist in developing strategic plans and add input to help secure more budget or resources.
  3. Improve presentations – Simplify strategy, assist to making more visual presentations, refine pitches, and help tell your story better to your stakeholders.
  4. Learn from other industries – Get external insights from other industries that can inform your strategy.
  5. Offer access to exclusive events/people – There are recognized experts in the world and highly exclusive executive level events, but it is not always easy to know what they are or how to get in. All Concierge Marketing clients receive exclusive invitations to many of Rohit’s private speaking events, and also have the chance to join unique roundtable conversations organized with top thought leaders.
  6. Offer a proactive point of view – When big news hits, often you’re asked internally for a quick point of view. Now you don’t have to spend hours trying to build it on your own without any help.
  7. Get immediate crisis + real time response advice – When you are in a crisis situation, get access to immediate advice and feedback (particularly useful when dealing with real time issues in social media)
  8. Evaluate current campaigns/strategy – Having a “gut check” on existing campaigns and auditing existing strategy can help make quick adjustments to improve results.
  9. Review your current partners with a neutral 3rd party expert view – Who better to review current agency recommendations and vendor solutions than a former agency exec who has done them before?
  10. Writing better creative briefs – Often the results you get from campaigns and creative thinking depend on how well you can brief your teams – Rohit has written hundreds and can help improve yours.
  11. Team recruitment and structuring – How can you best structure your team for success – and how do you look for new team members? Rohit has hired dozens of marketers and helped large brands structure marketing teams, break silos and build models for new social media centers of excellence.
  12. Brainstorm creative ideas & problems – Need better ideas or a quick brainstorm? Often a quick call or some ideas over email can spark a new direction, and help build that flash of insight that you need.
  13. Explain social media and digital to skeptical senior management – Often having a recognized third party expert author (and University Professor!) can help to lend more credibility to your plan and validate its importance to senior leaders who may need this external support in order to sign off.
  14. Personal brand reputation – It can be challenging to grow your own personal brand in the midst of managing brand challenges for an entire entreprise, but Rohit has advised numerous leaders on how to do this efficiently, and where to get the right kind of help to create a valuable and credible personal brand online.
  15. Internal team inspiration – A common challenge for clients is motivating and inspiring a team. Rohit has done this many times and studied models from some of the most successful brands in the world in doing this – and can bring those ideas to your team.

What’s the Small Print?

There are a few things that are not included in this concierge marketing model, and the reason is usually because they are services that we offer individually for an additional fee. The list is fairly short, but it includes:

  • Day long workshops or meeting facilitation
  • Keynote speaking or large group presentations
  • Large scale original content creation
  • Travel expenses or other expenses (we never charge for sneaky things like faxes or long distance phone charges)

Does This Model Really Scale? (Warning: Unexpected Honesty Below … )

Actually, it doesn’t. There is a limit to how many clients Rohit can work with directly – and right now (2018) we currently have two long term clients using this model. The goal is to be very selective and have no more than four clients (maximum) – at which point we will not accept any more. As a result, Rohit is always honest about whether this is the right model for working with him, and if not, he can usually recommend an alternative solution or another partner who may be a better fit.

How Much Does It Cost?

The pricing for this model may vary slightly by engagement, but typical contracts start at about $15,000 per month (usually with a six month engagement to start).  As shared above, all engagements allow for unlimited access to Rohit for coaching, strategic advisory services and insights – as well as his support team to handle logistics or other non-consultative issues.  In addition, clients are among a highly selective group to receive a look at Rohit’s upcoming Trend Report months before it is widely released to the public.

Is There A “Lite” Version Of This That Is Less Expensive?

For up and coming brands or marketers who may not be a position to cover the usual retainer, Rohit will sometimes offer a different model of advisory and coaching services customized for a particular relationship.  If that is interesting for you or you would like to talk about what might be possible, just get in touch.

Let’s Work Together!

If this model seems interesting to you, Rohit and our team would love to personally hear from you and explore whether working together makes sense for us both. Visit our “Contact Us” page and use the form there for a response or email Rohit directly at rohit @ within 24 hours.

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