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Refugees Use Airbnb To Book Trump’s Childhood Home

Why More Men May Be “Marrying Up” In The Future

This week a few researchers published a demographic study which examined the effect of more highly educated women entering the “marriage market” and therefore creating more dual income households where women are the primary breadwinners. Rather than seeing this as triggering some sort of crisis of masculinity, the report concluded that this is likely to

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Did Blue Bottle Coffee “Sell Out” To Nestle?

Soon after hipster coffee brand Blue Bottle Coffee sold to Nestle, founder James Freeman gave this wonderfully candid interview where observes how the deal probably dragged on because lawyers get paid by the hour. When asked about the backlash on social, he rightly noted: “nobody grabs their telephone and opens up Twitter and types in

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How Netflix Lawyers Delight The Internet By Having A Sense O ...

Using Emojis To Encourage Charitable Giving

For years when charitable institutions tried to make giving and participation easier through using digital tools, they were accused of “slacktivism” a term coined to describe the fear that true participation might be replaced by feel good “like” button clicks. Those same critics would jump all over this new effort from No Kid Hungry aimed

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CuriosityStream Sells Subscription To Help You Actually Thin ...

Professional Clowns Have A Creepiness Problem, Thanks To  ...

What A List Of The Most Streamed Star Trek Episodes Means

Why One Reporter Won’t Be Getting The iPhone X

In the first Night at the Museum film, the hero invents a “snapper” device to control your lights, but it loses to the “clapper” because clapping is easier. Simplicity doesn’t seem to be winning at Apple. Plugging in headphones is easier than finding and pairing wireless ear buds. Using TouchID is easier than FaceID. The new fast

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Peercel Lets You Ship Packages By Sending Them With Stranger ...