Using YouTube to Launch a Global Movement: The Story of Free ...

Add to: | blinklist | | digg | yahoo! | furl | rawsugar | shadows | netvouz The rise of phenomenally viral videos on YouTube is happening every day now, ranging from the silly to the funny.  Recently I came across the Free Hugs video posted above on YouTube less than two months ago

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The Best College Admissions Website Ever?

After reading a post on one my favourite marketing blogs, Ypulse – I was recently pointed to the George Mason University admissions website, MasonMetro which struck me as one of the best examples I have seen of connecting with high school students in a memorable way and encouraging them to consider applying.  Contrary to the

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Dove's Evolution of Beauty Campaign Goes Viral on YouTu ...

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty has been one of the most talked about campaigns of the year, earning praise from people in the advertising world, as well as from real consumers for representing something different to the typical fashion advertising.  By focusing on the distorted perception of beauty that much of the fashion industry is

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Why Taco Bell is Getting Multicultural Marketing Wrong

Taco Bell has long had what I consider to be one of the best advertising taglines in the fast food industry – "Think Outside the Bun."  In just four words, they have managed to capture the entire essence of the brand and it’s place in the fast food landscape in a way that not only

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Verizon Launches Local Casting Call for Fios Fanatics Film

Add to: | blinklist | | digg | yahoo! | furl | rawsugar | shadows | netvouz The first time I learned about Verizon’s new FiOS service was not online (though they have a great site), but at a festival event near where I live in Virginia.  At the event they had the typical

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A Gallery of Marketing and PR in Second Life

The virtual world has been getting a lot of coverage in the real world these days.  Second Life is becoming the new poster child for the rising popularity of avatars and virtual personalities that real people are taking on, and every day it seems there is a new development that causes those in marketing and

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Snakes on a Plane Viral Campaign Misses the Multicultural Ma ...

I came across an interesting viral campaign for the upcoming movie "Snakes on a Plane" where users can go online and enter names to have a personalized viral message sent to someone spoken by Samuel L. Jackson.  I have seen this viral talking idea before, such as with the "7 days left" campaign for The

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5 Case Studies in Reinventing Book Marketing

Add to: | blinklist | | digg | yahoo! | furl | rawsugar | shadows | netvouz A quick look at any marketing industry publication over the last few weeks will yield more than a few examples of how authors and publishers are getting smarter about marketing.  As more and more outlets compete for

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The Carnival of Marketing at Influential Interactive Marketi ...

Thanks to all for their patience while I pulled together this week’s Carnival of Marketing over the holiday weekend (in the US).  The posts from this week range from new great content online, such as TEDTalks, to new ideas like the Earthboards or marketing in SecondLife, to highlighting several posts from newer blogs out there

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When I give presentations to Social Marketing folks, one of my favourite statistics is this interesting point: In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, 13 million Americans made donations to relief efforts online and 7 million set up their own hurricane relief efforts using the internet. (Pew Internet) Think about that for a second. 

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