My Mantra

Helping brands and leaders be more influential
by embracing their humanity and personality.

I have several trade organizations, startups and nonprofits that I am affiliated with.  In the interests of transparency, below is a current list of my affiliations:

  • Georgetown University – Adjunct Professor of Global Marketing
  • Corporate Social Media Summit (Event Series) - Chairman & Advisor
  • Online Marketing Institute (Education) – Corporate Advisory Board
  • Scottevest (eCommerce Retailer) – Board of Advisors
  • Infusd (Startup) – Board of Advisors

What Will I Endorse?

While I don’t accept paid advertising on this site, I do offer endorsements for products, services or content that I believe in. If and when I do accept products to review, I will always disclose the situation with which I am reviewing the products and note exactly what I have received for free and what I paid for out of my own pocket.

The things that I will endorse or accept are usually closely aligned with my personal or professional interests. The best way to guess at what I might be interested in reviewing is to spend some time reading past posts on my blog and following to my Twitter feed. I am a frequent traveler, luggage enthusiast, avid photographer, lover of gadgets and father of two young boys. On a professional level, I’m an author and appreciate the effort and insights required to write a book and often do book blurbs, endorsements and reviews.
In my role providing advice on using interactive tools and social media for marketing, I am also an early adopter when it comes to trying out new sites and services and enjoy reviewing beta releases for new sites and ideas.

What I Won’t Write About

I don’t do “link exchanges” or any other form of linking barter designed to game search engines. I also won’t accept any products or services to review if you have a specific point of view that you are requiring me to share. There are no banners or text ads on my blog, and for the near future I will keep it that way. The only exception is that on occasion I will include a sponsored link on my sidebar to help promote a service, product or event that I am somehow associated with.

How To Pitch Me

As a marketing and communications pro, I am often asked to help clients with engaging bloggers and finding ways to promote products or services among bloggers.  Taking my own advice, I thought it was time to publish my own guidelines for the types of pitches I may respond to.  Of course, nothing is guaranteed – but reading these BEFORE pitching me definitely helps your chances of getting something written about on this blog.

Ideal Pitches:

These are the pitches I love, which I usually respond to right away – and I think you’ll probably find this list fairly similar for most bloggers …

  • Invitations to private beta stages of new sites that have not yet been released publicly
  • First reviews of business or marketing books (preferably as close to publication or before as possible)
  • Innovative marketing from companies I have covered before (just use the Google search at the top of the page and you’ll quickly see what I’ve written about before and my previous opinions)
  • New launches or innovative marketing campaigns in hot industries that I cover often, including social media, technology, travel, entertainment/films, and consumer products
  • Requests to provide endorsements or quotes that will be used for marketing purposes (I often do these IF I think your service is worth it – but it’s worth asking if this is what you are after)

Not a Chance List:

There are a few topics that get an instant delete from my email box and are probably a waste of your time to send to me.  Among them are:

  • Requests to do a guest post – sorry but I just don’t accept them on my blog
  • Announcements of the fabulous new person you just hired.
  • Topics without a marketing or communications angle.
  • Announcements of new campaign launches that have no innovation or nothing new