The 15 Best Business Books Of 2016 | Non-Obvious Book Award Winners!

Every year as part of my trend research and idea gathering, I go through more than a hundred business books and select my shortlist of 15 best ones published in 2016 to share with you. These are all profiled in a short presentation along with a review of each and my selections for the Most Original, Most Entertaining, Most Important, Most Useful and Most Shareable books of the year.

A summary is below as well as a link to the full presentation. I hope you enjoy this list of books and find a few to add to your own reading list!


All of my selections are profiled in detail in a Slideshare presentation which you can view either by clicking the image above or by using this link:

View All The Winners And Full Reviews Here >>

In order to make it easier to buy these books, here is a quick list of all the finalists, as well as my picks for the winners in five categories:


Quick Links To Buy All 15 Books:

  1. Disrupted
  2. Dealstorming
  3. Ego Is The Enemy
  4. Grit
  5. Hug Your Haters
  6. Illuminate
  7. Invisible Influence
  8. Messy
  9. Originals
  10. Never Split The Difference
  11. Persuadable
  12. Under New Management
  13. Small Data
  14. TED Talks
  15. Wonderland