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Why Your Brand Should Sit Out Valentine’s Day (And Shut Up)

I’m not a Valentine’s Day hater. In fact, I love celebrating the fact that I’m married to an amazing woman. Reading all the happy posts from friends and family is a great feeling. I even don’t mind the usual marketing for flowers and jewelry or exotic vacations all day. But just because today happens to be a holiday (kind of), doesn’t mean it has to be YOUR brand’s holiday. Buying new tires isn’t romantic – and neither is your super sale. No, Valentine’s Day isn’t a great day to sell anything red. And if you’re offering free divorces on Valentine’s Day – there’s probably a special place in hell waiting for you.

So here’s a Valentine’s Day marketing strategy that has been under appreciated for far too many years: just shut up. Let lovers enjoy each other. Give the single people a break on trying to exploit loneliness. And for once, maybe just decide to skip the Valentine’s promotion.

Don’t worry, you can always offer a sale for no reason on President’s Day. It’s just a few days from now anyway.

  • opedmkt

    Oh Rohit I couldn’t agree more. I would be interested in getting your take on the whole “newsjacking” phenomenon (personally I think it often crosses the boundaries of ethical marketing).

  • Lam Tang

    Thought the same things seeing ill-fitting Valentine’s promotions hit my InBox (Valentine’s specials on Webinars?!). I wonder if simply envisioning the Valentine’s milieu, i.e. the couple at a nice candelit table, would be enough to sway most of these advertisers to sit it out till President’s Day, as you say.

  • Ole Christian Apeland

    Good point, Rohit! As you have poinetd out before, too many marketing people are doing what everybody else does, instead of developing thier own brand´s unique personality and position.

  • Kuldip Singh

    Agree with you. Looks like you sensed the pulse of lots of people.