2013 Trend – Heroic Design


What’s the Trend? Design takes a leading role in the introduction of new products, ideas and campaigns to change the world. For several years, leading companies have started to see design as a competitive advantage, but in the coming year design may hold the solution to the world’s biggest challenges. Partially because the solutions themselves

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2013 Trend – Hyper-Local Commerce


What’s the Trend? New services and technology makes it easier for anyone to invest in local businesses and buy from local merchants. The consumer desire to “shop local” will have plenty of help in the coming year from a suite of online tools, innovations and personalization technology that help anyone in any location around the

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2013 Trend – MicroInnovation


What’s the Trend? Thinking small becomes the new competitive advantage as slight changes to features or benefits create big value. We generally live in a world that celebrates the big idea and always encourages everyone to have more of them. Yet many business gurus who focus on innovation within companies all agree that often it

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2013 Trends – Friend-Sourced Travel


What’s the Trend? New and old friends change the travel experience by curating where to go, and offering more local authentic experiences. Your friends are the new travel agent and tour guides, as a host of new services online and offline enable any traveler to get recommendations for unique experiences from friends. Beyond recommendations, this

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2013 Trend – Healthy Content


What’s the Trend? Healthcare organizations feel pressure to create more useful and substantial health content to satisfy increasingly empowered patients who have become unreachable through purely marketing or advertising messages. The “empowered patient” is a trend that has been growing for the past several years, and now historically slow moving healthcare organizations are finally starting

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2013 Trend – Degree-Free Learning


What’s the Trend? Quality of E-learning content explodes as more students consider alternatives to traditional college educations. The eLearning trend moves beyond just hobbies to finally present a tempting alternative to a traditional college education – leading to much higher quality educational content online as more thought leaders in every industry (including leading University Professors

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2013 Trend – Social Visualization


What’s the Trend? Visualization goes beyond data to let people visualize their own social profiles, and conversations online. For more than a year, data visualization has been a big trend in the social media space (it was among my top 15 trends for my 2011 Trend Report!) Now this love affair with visualization is extending

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2013 Trend – Backstorytelling


What’s the Trend? Organizations uncover that one of their greatest assets to inspire loyalty can come from taking people behind the scenes of their brand and history. Every business has someone who is the legend behind the brand – and some are lucky to have that person still working. At large companies, employees can get

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2013 Trend – Method Consulting


What’s the Trend? Successful entrepreneurs and companies create “on-the-side” consulting models to help others duplicate their success. For decades business owners and MBA students alike have used case studies to learn about business processes and strategy. The problem with case studies is that they are just stories on paper and can’t usually offer any sort

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2013 Trend – Powered by Women


What’s the Trend? Business leaders, pop culture and ground-breaking new research intersect to prove that our ideal future will be led by women. We can finally put the old debate to rest … men and women are not equal: women are better. In the coming year, a combination of highly successful female role models, pioneering

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