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12 Big Trends Transforming The World Of Retail Right Now

Last week I had the chance to deliver a keynote presentation at a merchandising event put on for some of the largest retailers in the US by the trade association  I shared some trends built upon consumer behaviour and incorporating some startups that are getting a lot of attention right now.  I don't share many of my presentations as they are often custom created specifically for events that I participate in, but this is one of the few that I can open up to a public audience.  So below you can see the full presentation embedded from Slideshare (and you can visit my Facebook page to download the PDF).  I hope you enjoy it!

12 Big Trends Changing Retail Marketing Today from Rohit Bhargava
  • Robert Sampson

    Thanks for the spotlight on this. This was really, really helpful.

  • Keith Koons

    I really, really enjoyed that and learned a few things as well. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Nabeel bin mohammed

    well written posst , it was really informative too :)
    keep it up !and check out mine also softbitz