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The Campaign To Save NBC's Outsourced Ignites Racial Debate

IMB_outsourced_nbc Having moved from a city where political correctness barely exists (Sydney) to one where it was invented (Washington DC) qualifies me as something of an expert. The idea of the importance of being politically correct is good in principle … because there are many things that people can unintentionally do to marginalize or demonstrate an ignorance for another culture or gender. Yet the downside of a culture where political correctness dominates conversations is that people are forced to demonstrate a fake indignity over certain things simply because they feel they are supposed to.

This week a campaign led by many South Asians and including people from many other cultures
has been leading the charge to save a comedy called Outsourced from being cancelled by NBC. It is about a call center based in India and the culturally shocking adventures of the one American who has been sent to India to manage it. Does the show make fun of India? Yes. Does it make fun of being American in India? Yes. As a result, there are many people who feel that the show is too politically incorrect.

The show is filmed in India and features a cast of nearly 100% actors of Indian origin. There was a time when if you asked anyone to name an Indian character on TV, the only name that would come up was Apu from The Simpsons. Recently there have been an influx of Indian actors in leading roles on Parks & Recreation, The Office, Scrubs, House, Heroes, Lost, ER and many more. A film set in India featuring an Indian story even won the Best Picture Academy Award in 2008.

So a show like Outsourced was perhaps inevitable as the next evolution – using an all Indian cast and putting a contentious social issue like outsourcing and the tension it causes between cultures front and center. The show is a comedy about the real life challenges of communicating across cultures – and that is the subject line for many of the episodes. As our world gets more global, this is a subject that we need to talk about and one that we need to laugh together about.

Outsourced is not politically incorrect toward Indians, it puts a spotlight on how funny and universal the idea of relating to someone from a different culture can be. The show is hilarious and this is a subject worth spotlighting through a primetime comedy.

If you agree, check out some of the links below and support the effort to save Outsourced:

NBC Outsourced Facebook Page:
Outsourced Twitter Account:
Direct Email To Write A Letter Of Support:

And a few video clips from the show:



  • M. Abelle

    Gee. I’ve never actually lived in a culture where “political correctness” “dominates conversations.” I suspect nobody else has either.

    “Political correctness” seems to me an invented concept, giving certain people on the political right something to always complain about, no matter how trivial, or even imaginary.

    In terms of the imaginary, witness that the people who inform the world of the evils of “political correctness” don’t agree on how it came to be or even where it developed.

    The blog writer says it was born in Washington D.C. Others claim Lenin’s Moscow. Or Willie Munzenberg’s Frankfurt, Germany. Or Antonio Gramsci’s Turin, Italy. What would be a large point of dispute in normal academia almost never pops up as an issue.

  • Bilgisayar Kursu

    Thank you. this information was missing a lot.

  • ingilizce kursu

    Thank you. entering this site I was very pleased.

  • Alex

    It is filmed on NBC’s back lot in Burbank CA

  • lolita humbert

    it’s ridiculous the way these execs cancel shows that people like outsourced was a good show very funny nbc should keep this show

  • lolita humbert

    this show is not racist its just funny not politically incorrect just makes us laugh if you wanna see racist or politically incorrect then i suggest south park which has been on tv for way too long nbc didnt even give outsourced a chance

  • Jack

    HOW TO GET OUTSOURCED BACK!!! Got a Facebook? A Myspace? An Anything? Tell everyone you know to watch outsourced on Hulu. If they like it and want a second season, they will do the same. Next things next and 1,000,000 are knoking on the front door of NBC and they start the second season. Really, 5 minutes to post on your facebook wall “Watch Outsourced, love Outsourced, tell your freinds and SAVE OUTSOURCED!” wont be that hard. Please do this and help save a truly good comedy from dying.

  • Bob

    Outsourced andRACISM? Please! Thats like M&M’s without the chocolate.

  • Daniel

    This is a show worth keeping. Damn those at NBC who thought otherwise.
    PS email NBC and complain, I did!

  • Lisa

    This is the funniest show ever I watch outsourced every week help save this show nbc is losing their damb minds Big Big Big FAN SAVE OUTSOURCED

  • lana

    I Love watching Outsourced. It’s one of the best
    Shows on television. We need a second season.

  • j

    This is a funny show!!! please don’t cancel it!!!

  • lolita humbert

    outsourced was #2 on the ratings why did they cancel it? it was the best show on nbc..i think the execs at nbc are racist pigs this isnt right discrimination is a crime

  • liquid

    you got to bring outsourced back it was the best show i ever saw, i bet hundreds of people watch it on Hulu the next morning so your’r getting a lot more viewers than you thought. WE NEED A SECOND SEASON WE NEED A ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • liquid

    bring outsourced back i don’t care about any other show at all but i want outsourced back

  • liquid

    post it on your Facebook if you want to get outsourced back

  • your mom

    get it back NOW!!!

  • tonya

    What the hell Todd???!!!

  • your mom

    GET IT BACK NOW, anybody who has the power, use the power!!

  • liquid

    NBC needs to get it through there heads that they should make a second season

  • NBC??

    Does N.B.C. stand for No Big Craniums? Thats what it seems to be. Any other suggestions on what N.B.C stands for?

  • liquid

    i hate it when TV channels cancel there best shows, dont they care about popularity?!

  • liquid

    we need more posts so pleas contribute outsourced fans! we need to get enough posts to make them to change there mind and realize the mistake they made.

  • NBC themselves

    Were sorry. We dont have the largest cranium in town, but we know enough to bring outsourced back. We need more comments and facebook clubs to finalize our decision.

  • Buffy

    GOOOOOOO get it back. In aint racist, yaaawwl seen South Park? Thats racist. And you fellers think this show is racist. Talkin about countin chickens before they hatch. Am I right or am I right yaawwl?

  • liquid

    outsourced is not racist its funny and i think that most people can make there own choices not to use racist words in public using your frontal lobes, but on the TV/computer its fine

  • emma

    bring it back! more people love it than you guys think

  • amy

    outsourced has been my hole life, my favorite show ever and now i dont know what else to do with myself :(

  • emma

    dont take away the best show

  • outsourced fan #1

    outsourced rules why would they ever take it away frum us?

  • Divya

    Hi, Im Indian.This show is very correct and acurate and not racist. I hope NBC brings this show back becuase it is a pleasure for India to have it, not an insult.

  • outsourced fan #1


  • outsourced fan #1

    why you do this to me?? This show was the coolest thing since ice! IT MUST COME BACK!!!

  • outsourced fan #1

    i dont think that we should stop posting until we change there minds, tell every one you can to write a note to NBC!!

  • even

    pleas bring outsourced back my friend told me about this blog and im trying to help, i love outsourced

  • lover of outsoursed

    All i have to say is, i cant believe NBC canceled it best show

  • even

    im going to show my friends outsourced and im sure they’l love it just like i did, im trying to get more help

  • moisty

    this is the best show ever. i almost cried when i herd it was canceled

  • liquid

    i didnt know about outsourced until my friend showed me and with less than one episode, i loved it and it became my favorite show ever,

  • liquid

    its at the best spot to start a new season

  • Laura

    One of the few shows I really enjoy! Great comedy & I love the beautiful Indian people! Please reconsider keeping Outsourced!!