5 Ways To Solve The Crisis Of Corporate Social Responsibilit ...

Nov 30, 2009

It may have been easy to miss if you don't work in the world of corporate led cause related marketing, but Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR) programs are in the midst of a crisis. The subject of the debate mainly centers around two big issues: brand value and authenticity. On the one hand, CSR programs

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Consumer Reports & Consumerist Help Shoppers Bite Back

Nov 24, 2009

One of the most visible effects of the social media revolution is the relative power that is now in the hands of an individual consumer when it comes to spreading a positive or negative experience with your brand to hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people. Shoppers have a voice and it is now far

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Don't Call Me A Social Media Guy

Nov 18, 2009

Yesterday I hosted a conversation on Twitter all about authenticity and what that truly means. It's a buzzword, to be sure, but it was interesting that the 140 character based conversation yielded many different perceptions of what authenticity means. For most honesty was a big part of it, as was having real one on one

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6 Ways To Protect Your Brand With Social Media

Nov 17, 2009

Just about every week I see an article or have a conversation with a client about the potential risks of social media and how to manage them. Quite frankly, there are many ways that social media can go wrong and cause problems for a brand, and as someone who shares advice on using social media

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What You Don't Know About Surgeons

Nov 13, 2009

What if you only had to do your job once or twice per year? Apart from the tempting thought of how great your life would be without work, imagine the practical fact of how your skills that you use on a daily basis might be affected by only using them once or twice per year.

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100 Ideas To Save The Planet (And What They Can Teach You)

Nov 11, 2009

For the next three days the World Bank here in Washington DC is hosting a world changing event that few people know about. Called the Development Marketplace – it is a gathering of organizations behind 100 innovative ideas from 50 different countries on how to save the planet. The ideas can affect everything from a

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Passport Marketing At The Berlin Wall

Nov 09, 2009

Today is the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall and people across the world are focusing on this momentous day. Last week I was in Berlin and spent an afternoon looking at remnants of the Berlin Wall and its defining place in German history. As the German chancellor from the time (Helmut

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Why Your Business Needs A Concierge

Nov 04, 2009

Adrian Moore is the best concierge in the world. At least, according to British travel magazine Monacle, he is. He works at the Four Seasons in Paris, knows all the best spots and restaurants, is intimately aware of any festivals or special events in his city and is, by any account, an authority on all

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A Marketing Lesson From Michael Jackson's This Is It Fi ...

Nov 03, 2009

Deconstruction is a powerful idea. All it means is taking an experience or something real and breaking it down into its individual components. Deconstructing helps you to understand something. Deconstructing tells a story. I remember the first time I saw the movie Amadeus, the Oscar winning dramatization of the life of Mozart, there was one

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